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EDITOR—Indian Edition of—"Devita, Hellman, Rosenberg’s Cancer – Principles & Practice of Oncology” Indian Review.


Abstracts, published in year 2019 

ASTRO Abstracts (Published in Red Journal)

  1. Dewan A, Mitra S, Aggarwal S, Khurana R, Kaur I, Raman K, Bhushan M, Barik SR, Varghese A, Sachdeva N, Dutta S. Dosimetric Contribution of Image Based Intracavitary Brachytherapy to Pelvic Lymphnodes in Locally Advanced Cervical Cancer. IJROBP 2019;105(1): E321-2.


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AROICON 2019 abstracts (Published in JCRT Nov 2019)

  1. Barik S, Mitra S, Dewan A, Kaur I, Aggarwal S, Vivekananda A, Dobriyal K, Mukhee J. Simultaneous Integrated Boost in Anal Canal Carcinoma: A retrospective study


  1. Dobriyal K, Mitra S, Dewan A, Kaur I, Aggarwal S, Barik S, Vivekananda A, Sharma M, Mukhee J. Emerging role of SBRT in oligometastatic Disease -  A hope in horizon.


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  1. Khurana H, Mitra S, Dewan A, Aggarwal S, Kaur I, Barik S, Dobriyal K, Vivekananda A, Mukhee J. Demographics and clinicopathological profile of carcinoma cervix- A retrospective study from Rajiv Gandhi Institute and research Centre in new delhi


ESTRO Meet Asia abstracts (Published in Green Journal November edition)


  1. S. Aggarwal, S. Mitra, A. Dewan, I. Kaur, R. Khurana, S. Barik, A. Vivekananda, K. Dobriyal, K. Raman. Outcomes and clinical experience of phase gated stereotactic body radiotherapy in liver.(A19-0062)


  1. A. Dewan, S. Mitra, S. Aggarwal, I. Kaur, R. Khurana, S. Barik, A. Vivekananda, K. Dobriyal, K. Raman. Dosimetric comparison of 3D and 2D vaginal brachy in post-op patients with endometrial/cervical carcinoma(A19-0008)


ESTRO 2020 accepted abstracts

  1. Short Course Radiation Therapy (scRT) and chemotherapy followed by delayed surgery in locally advanced rectal adenocarcinoma (E20-1668)Swarupa Mitra1, Sumeet Aggarwal2, Abhinav Dewan3, Inderjeet Kaur Wahi2, Soumitra Barik4, Kiran Dobriyal5, Jwala Mukhee5, Ankush Jajodia6, Himanshi Khurana7, Ajay Kumar Dewan8.


  1. Quantitative MRI in prognosticating clinical outcomes in carcinoma cervix treated with Radiotherapy. (E20-1733) Swarupa Mitra1, Ankush Jajodia2, Venkata Pradeep Babu Koyyala3, Vivek Mahawar4, Abhinav Dewan5, Sumeet Aggarwal6, Inderjeet Singh Wahi6, Soumitra Barik7, Kiran Dobriyal8, Jwala Mukhee8, Himanshi Khurana9, Rupal Tripathy9, Avinash Rao10, Arvind Chaturvedi1.


  1. Dosimetric and Volumetric impact of Intensity Modulated Adaptive Radiotherapy in Head Neck Cancer. (E20-1811) Swarupa Mitra1, Abhinav Dewan2, Sumeet Aggarwal3, Inderjeet Singh Wahi3, Soumitra Barik4, Kiran Dobriyal5, Jwala Mukhee5, Ajay Kumar Dewan6


  1. Evaluation of Dose to pelvic lymphnodes in CT-based High DoseRate Brachytherapy in Carcinoma Cervix. (E20-1836) Swarupa Mitra1, Abhinav Dewan2, Sumeet Aggarwal3, Inderjeet Singh Wahi3, Soumitra Barik4, Kiran Dobriyal5, Jwala Mukhee5, Himanshi Khurana6.