• Commonly asked questions about Cancer Management during Corona Outbreak in India —

    1.Is a patient with cancer, at higher risk of severe consequences of COVID-19?

    A recent study in Lancet, showed that patients who underwent treatment for cancer in the past month had a higher risk compared to those who had not received recent treatment. The risk appears to be higher in patients with more than one chronic medical condition. 

    2.Should the cancer treatment be delayed in the present CoVid outbreak?

    Patients should talk with their treating oncologist about the risks of postponing treatment versus the potential benefit of decreasing their infection risk. Things to discuss include the goals of cancer treatment, the likelihood that the cancer will be controlled with the treatment being planned, the intensity and side effects of the cancer treatment, and the supportive care that is available to reduce the side effects of treatment.

    3.Should a survivor of cancer who is on follow up with imaging and other tests to detect recurrence, keep getting them done?

    In general, as recommended, any hospital visits that can be postponed without risk to the patient should be postponed. This includes routine follow ups to detect recurrence. If the patient develops a new symptom that might indicate cancer recurrence he should contact his cancer care team and not wait for the next scheduled evaluation.

    1. Should cancer survivors follow the general public health recommendations issued ?

    Absolutely. The general public health recommendations issued by the Govt need to be followed. Things like keeping social distance, frequent and proper hand washing, avoiding large crowds, keeping surfaces clean and disinfected, and not touching your face when your hands need to be followed stricltly

    1. If a cancer patient or cancer survivor have some symptoms such as fever or cough, who should they contact ?

    If on active cancer treatment, then you should contact your treating oncologist by phone and make any arrangements as needed. If not on active treatment, then cancer survivors should contact their primary care doctor by phone.

    1. If I have a delay in care, or if for some reason I need to change my doctors, then what should I keep in mind?

    If you need to change providers you should arrange for copy of your medical records for your new doctor. But generally important records are  such as the pathology report, summaries of any surgeries or radiation treatment performed are given to you and they can be shared with the new provider.

    1. What else can I do to help fight COVID19?

    You should follow the recommendations of your care team and general recommendations for a healthy lifestyle. Don’t use tobacco products, eat a well-balanced diet rich in fruits and vegetables, exercise regularly, get enough sleep and follow public health guidelines on social distancing and hand washing. And most importantly, stay positive.




  • Abdominal cancer – signs and treatment

    The signs of stomach cancer can be seen in two distinct stages including the early-stage symptoms and the advanced stage symptoms.  In early-stage, however, patients might not experience any serious symptom. However, as cancer grows, it spreads across, and exhibit significant symptoms.  Some of the symptoms of early-stage cancer include;


    • Drastic weight loss
    • Abdominal pain, especially in the area above the belly button
    • Indigestion
    • Heartburn
    • Vomiting
    • Loss of appetite
    • Weakness
    • Blood in vomit or stool


    However, all the above symptoms can also be due to some other stomach issue. But in case someone faces these issues for long, it is important to see a doctor. The best abdominal cancer doctor would be the right guide to confirm if your symptoms are caused due to cancer or any other stomach issues.

    On the other hand, advanced stage symptoms of stomach cancer can be more severe. In this stage, the cancer grows and spreads rapidly and can affect the nearby organs.  The liver and the large intestine are primarily affected organs.

    In the case of certain patients, if the stomach cancer creates blockade, one can experience a lack of appetite, major weight loss, vomiting that is non-stop and so on. If cancer spreads to the liver, the patient might suffer from jaundice, ascites etc.

    To diagnose abdominal cancer, it is better to visit the best abdominal cancer doctor in delhi.  Dr Swarupa Mitra is one of the famous radiation oncologists in Delhi known for her vast experience and recognition in this field. She has more than 15 years of experience in oncology and is serving as the head of the department in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, New Delhi.

    Abdominal cancer can be deadly if not detected and not treated well. The treatment, however, depends on the stage of cancer and numerous other aspects.

  • Breast cancer : symptoms, causes

    Breast cancer is the cancer of the breast which is caused when malignant or cancer cells develop in the breast. The initial symptom of breast cancer might be a lump in the breast or armpit. Even an area of thickened tissue in the breast might be a symptom of the same.

    Other symptoms can be,

    • Pain in the armpits or breast, which do not go even after the monthly cycle.
    • Redness of breast skin
    • Rash on or around the nipple
    • Discharge from nipple
    • Sunken nipple
    • Peeling, flaking, or scaling of the skin on the breast or nipple
    • Change in shape or size of breast

    All breast lumps are not cancerous. However, visiting a doctor for a thorough examination is important. In case the lump shows signs of cancer, visit the best breast oncologist in Delhi to get better supervision and treatment.

    Causes of breast cancer

    Though there are no clear causes of breast cancer, however, there are certain risk factors which are likely to pose as symptoms of cancer in the breast.

    The first risk factor is age – Age is definitely an important factor. The chances of developing breast cancer increases with age.

    Genetics is another factor – this is another important factor. Women carrying certain mutations are more likely to develop breast cancer than others. Women could inherit these mutations from their parents.

    History of breast cancer – women who already had breast cancer once are likely to have it again.

    Dense breast tissue – women with more dense breasts are also prone to breast cancer

    The above are some of the likely causes of breast cancer. With the support of the best breast oncologist in delhi, such as Dr. Swarupa Mitra one can diagnose, prevent and treat breast cancer completely. With over 15 years of experience, Dr. Mitra is an excellent gastrointestinal and genitourinary radiation oncologist in Delhi.

  • Fighting Lung cancer – treatments & specialists

    Cancer of any kind is painful and is bound to change the lives of people involved. Be it the patient or the family members, cancer does affect everyone in the process.

    Over the years, there has been a huge increase in the number of patients suffering from lung cancer. India itself has thousands of people suffering from lung cancer every year.

    But the best thing is that there are numerous hospitals in the country equipped with modern technology to treat lung cancer as well as there are many reputed and experienced doctors available to treat patients with this disease.  Some such best Lung Cancer specialists  have been working for years dedicatedly to help people fight the disease completely.

    Lung cancer takes place when abnormal cell grows in the lung. These cells might spread to other parts of the body if not diagnosed at an early stage. Some common factors that cause lung cancer include air pollution, exposure to asbestos or chemical elements like radon, smoking or passive smoking and others. Moreover, someone with family history of lung cancer could also be susceptible to the disease.

    Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) and Small cell lung cancer are the two types of lung cancers. The treatment options of the same can be surgery, radiation therapy, Targeted agents and Immunotherapy or chemotherapy.  With the best Lung Cancer specialists in Delhi, one can get immediate treatment of the disease and fight it together to give life another chance.

    The initial symptoms of lung cancer include chest pain, cough for prolonged period, blood on cough, fatigue, loss of appetite, shortness of breath, wheezing and so on.

    Anyone suffering from one or more of these symptoms for prolonged period should rush to the best lung cancer specialist in delhi at the earliest. Dr. Swrupa Mitra is one such reputed and experienced oncologist who is presently serving as the Senior Consultant and Chief of Gastrointestinal and Genitourinary Radiation Oncology in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute, New Delhi.

    It is important for lung cancer patients to start immediate treatment as soon as the symptoms are visible and visit the best oncologist for the best treatment available.

  • Head & Neck Cancer Treated with Utmost Care

    Cancer occurring anywhere in the body is a life-threatening condition if the diagnosis of the disease is not made in early stages. Head and neck cancer is the cancer that occurs in the several areas of head & neck like throat, nose, voice box, mouth, sinus and salivary glands. These cancers have a major impact on the person and are different from other types of cancer because they greatly affect major functions of a human being, for eg. Speaking, eating, expressing and outer looks of the person. Overall, you can say that a person’s identity is hit with these cancers.

    The most common head & neck cancers that occur in India are mouth & oral cancer. The major cause of these cancers is tobacco chewing, smoking of cigar, consumption of alcohol, maintaining poor oral hygiene and being exposed to textile fibres. Hence, you must take care of these risk factors to ensure that you don’t fall prey to head and neck cancer. Consulting the head and neck Oncologist is the top solution for treating these cancers and having a better quality of life.

    You must be aware that head and neck structures are very complex and they demand significant expertise to treat them. With the help of head and neck Oncologist, you can decide on the treatment plans that will benefit you the most. According to the type and stage of your cancer, your surgeon will suggest the treatment plan that may include either single or combination of treatments including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy etc.

    You must meet Dr. Swarupa Mitra – best head and neck Oncologist in delhi for your cancer that needs to be treated with radiation therapy. She is just “THE BEST” in this procedure. Talk to her regarding your cancer and she will provide best suited options to you.


  • Fight Cancer and Win Over it

    Cancer is a deadly disease whose name is enough to cause a fear among people. This disease has been known to take away the lives of many people and it is continuing to do so. These days, cancer has become very common and every now & then, you hear people suffering from cancer. It is a common phenomenon for healthy cells in the human body to divide and replace the old cells. All this happens in a controlled manner. The problem starts when a cell starts dividing abnormally in an uncontrolled manner leading to cancer. Till now, no one knows the exact cause of cancer but it is debated that a number of reasons are responsible for it like exposure to toxic compounds, genetics, being in contact with ionising radiation etc. Whatever may be the reason, you should be aware of the fact that this disease is life threatening if you get to know about it in the later stages. But in early stages, with the help of Cancer treatment, you can get rid of it forever.

    There are various treatment options for cancer and it depends on the type and stage of cancer that which treatment options will be best for the patient. Your doctor is the best person to guide you regarding this. After having a complete review of your health condition, he/she will guide you the best cancer treatment in delhi ncr.

    Dr. Swarupa Mitra is one of the top cancer doctors in Delhi NCR. She is a radiation oncologist with years of experience in this field. Latest techniques & tools are used by her to treat her patients. You must consult her if you or any of your family members is suffering from cancer. You can expect to get best outcomes under her guidance.

  • Don’t Ignore The Chronic Stomach Ache For Too Long!

    Cancer in the digestive system is known as gastric cancer or gastric adenocarcinoma which affects the smooth functioning of the stomach. It starts to appear from the cells lining the surface of the stomach. Unfortunately, stomach cancer is a silent killer as in the early stages there are often no obvious symptoms. Some people do experience nausea or some stomach pain, but often ignore these symptoms as these are similar to other common diseases. However, cautious observation and identification of symptoms and timely diagnosis can help in recovering from stomach cancer. If diagnosed with gastric cancer you should immediately consult the gastric oncologist.

    How long does the treatment last and what is the procedure?

    Any form of cancer is detectable at an early stage. The best way to get an early diagnosis of gastric cancer is to go through esophagoscopy regularly. In today’s time, the chances of a person getting gastric cancer are very high due to the quality of life. The reason you need the gastric oncologist is that the treatment of gastric cancer is a precarious job. Only an experienced oncologist can perform a successful surgery and prescribe you the best diets and medication related to your condition. The course of treatment depends on the stage of cancer.

    The best gastric oncologist in Delhi – Dr Swarupa Mitra

    As gastric cancer is a painful and excoriating disease and can sometimes even be life-threatening consulting the best gastric oncologist in delhi becomes imperative. Dr Swarupa Mitra is a renowned gastric oncologist. She has been handling and curing patients of gastric cancer for a really long time. She is famous for her calmness and delicate handling of her patients. She prescribes her patients the best tests and medication to detect and cure cancer. Her success rate in the field of gastric cancer is very high.

  • Do Not Panic if Diagnosed with Cancer

    The rapid change in our lifestyles has increased the possibility of developing cancer. It is a very common disease and has somewhat normalized its existence in our daily lives. Our body fights cancer cells on a daily basis. Cancer is formed when a cell from our body goes on killing the other cells causing a formation of a mass or tumour. In all cases timely detection of cancer is treatable. However, in some cases when the cancer is aggressive, it might need radiation therapy. However, nonetheless, if you have been diagnosed with cancer and want the best possible treatment, you should consider going to the best radiation oncologist.

    Role of a Radiation Oncologist

    Radiation therapy or radiotherapy is a treatment procedure in which a high dose of electromagnetic waves/rays are is used to shrink or kill the cancer cells. A radiation oncologist is a medical practitioner who specializes in giving radiation therapy to treat any type of cancer. He/she uses this method of treatment to damage and destroy the growth of cancerous cells and decelerate their growth.

    A radio oncologist is proficient and has extensive training in careful and cautious use of radiation waves to treat cancer cells. He/she is ultimately responsible for prescribing and planning each patient’s course of treatment. He/she checks and monitors the patient’s progress and if needed make necessary alterations in the treatment procedure. You should always get treatment under the supervision of the radiation oncologist  as here the radiation oncologists believe in providing premium care and quality treatment.

    A little about Dr Swarupa – a prominent radiation oncologist

    Dr Swarupa Mitra has been associated with Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Institute & Research Centre (RGCIRC) for quite some time now. She is a renowned radiation oncologist with over 15 years of experience in treating cancer patients with the latest and advanced methods of radiotherapy. With her deep knowledge, vast experience and medical expertise she has paved a way for herself to be known as the best radiation oncologist in rgcirc delhi. She is known for taking a very methodical and careful approach while treating her patients.