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  • Abdominal cancer – signs and treatment

    The signs of stomach cancer can be seen in two distinct stages including the early-stage symptoms and the advanced stage symptoms.  In early-stage, however, patients might not experience any serious symptom. However, as cancer grows, it spreads across, and exhibit significant symptoms.  Some of the symptoms of early-stage cancer include;


    • Drastic weight loss
    • Abdominal pain, especially in the area above the belly button
    • Indigestion
    • Heartburn
    • Vomiting
    • Loss of appetite
    • Weakness
    • Blood in vomit or stool


    However, all the above symptoms can also be due to some other stomach issue. But in case someone faces these issues for long, it is important to see a doctor. The best abdominal cancer doctor would be the right guide to confirm if your symptoms are caused due to cancer or any other stomach issues.

    On the other hand, advanced stage symptoms of stomach cancer can be more severe. In this stage, the cancer grows and spreads rapidly and can affect the nearby organs.  The liver and the large intestine are primarily affected organs.

    In the case of certain patients, if the stomach cancer creates blockade, one can experience a lack of appetite, major weight loss, vomiting that is non-stop and so on. If cancer spreads to the liver, the patient might suffer from jaundice, ascites etc.

    To diagnose abdominal cancer, it is better to visit the best abdominal cancer doctor in delhi.  Dr Swarupa Mitra is one of the famous radiation oncologists in Delhi known for her vast experience and recognition in this field. She has more than 15 years of experience in oncology and is serving as the head of the department in Rajiv Gandhi Cancer Hospital, New Delhi.

    Abdominal cancer can be deadly if not detected and not treated well. The treatment, however, depends on the stage of cancer and numerous other aspects.

  • Don’t Ignore The Chronic Stomach Ache For Too Long!

    Cancer in the digestive system is known as gastric cancer or gastric adenocarcinoma which affects the smooth functioning of the stomach. It starts to appear from the cells lining the surface of the stomach. Unfortunately, stomach cancer is a silent killer as in the early stages there are often no obvious symptoms. Some people do experience nausea or some stomach pain, but often ignore these symptoms as these are similar to other common diseases. However, cautious observation and identification of symptoms and timely diagnosis can help in recovering from stomach cancer. If diagnosed with gastric cancer you should immediately consult the gastric oncologist.

    How long does the treatment last and what is the procedure?

    Any form of cancer is detectable at an early stage. The best way to get an early diagnosis of gastric cancer is to go through esophagoscopy regularly. In today’s time, the chances of a person getting gastric cancer are very high due to the quality of life. The reason you need the gastric oncologist is that the treatment of gastric cancer is a precarious job. Only an experienced oncologist can perform a successful surgery and prescribe you the best diets and medication related to your condition. The course of treatment depends on the stage of cancer.

    The best gastric oncologist in Delhi – Dr Swarupa Mitra

    As gastric cancer is a painful and excoriating disease and can sometimes even be life-threatening consulting the best gastric oncologist in delhi becomes imperative. Dr Swarupa Mitra is a renowned gastric oncologist. She has been handling and curing patients of gastric cancer for a really long time. She is famous for her calmness and delicate handling of her patients. She prescribes her patients the best tests and medication to detect and cure cancer. Her success rate in the field of gastric cancer is very high.