Head & Neck Cancer Treated with Utmost Care

Cancer occurring anywhere in the body is a life-threatening condition if the diagnosis of the disease is not made in early stages. Head and neck cancer is the cancer that occurs in the several areas of head & neck like throat, nose, voice box, mouth, sinus and salivary glands. These cancers have a major impact on the person and are different from other types of cancer because they greatly affect major functions of a human being, for eg. Speaking, eating, expressing and outer looks of the person. Overall, you can say that a person’s identity is hit with these cancers.

The most common head & neck cancers that occur in India are mouth & oral cancer. The major cause of these cancers is tobacco chewing, smoking of cigar, consumption of alcohol, maintaining poor oral hygiene and being exposed to textile fibres. Hence, you must take care of these risk factors to ensure that you don’t fall prey to head and neck cancer. Consulting the head and neck Oncologist is the top solution for treating these cancers and having a better quality of life.

You must be aware that head and neck structures are very complex and they demand significant expertise to treat them. With the help of head and neck Oncologist, you can decide on the treatment plans that will benefit you the most. According to the type and stage of your cancer, your surgeon will suggest the treatment plan that may include either single or combination of treatments including surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, hormonal therapy etc.

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